People Don’t Want Change, They Want Improvements

People say they want change.

They ask for change, demand it even.

People go to great lengths for promises of change.

When they get change, however, not everyone likes the outcome.

Coronavirus changed the world.

Most of us didn’t like that one bit.

Asking for change is redundant.

Change is a constant.

Things change. That is the nature of the world.

What most people want are improvements.

They want their lives to improve, their fortunes to improve, society to improve… and so on.

But, when people only ask for change, that is what they get, change.

Maybe it’s time to stop asking for change.

Instead, we could start asking for specific improvements.

Work towards them.

Get other people to work towards them with us.

Who knows, it might work.

Gudjon Bergmann

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